Star Billions

Incoming transmission!


Your decisions make the difference! Star Billions turns your phone into the sole means of communicating with a hopelessly lost starship called the Little Brother.1 Take the reins as you guide a colorful cast of characters on their quest to save the children of Earth. Featured on Polygon, VentureBeat, Indie Game Magazine, Indie Haven, AppUnwrapper, and more!


  • Get to know the crew as you experience a sci-fi adventure unlike any other.
  • Beautifully illustrated cast of over 20 characters.
  • Complete original soundtrack that combines classical melodies and futuristic instrumentation.
  • Games-within-a-game ExquisiVision console with competitive arcade action.
  • Complete Game Center support with leaderboards and achievements.
  • Unlock hidden data to learn more about the crew, the ship, and what happened back on Earth.